Why Point-Science?


A scientific discussion platform


With doctoral training in pharmaceutical sciences and molecular biology from the Faculté de Pharmacie and the Institut de Recherche en Immunologie et en Cancérologie of the Université de Montréal, I like to read, write, discuss and debate science related topics. With the years of research accumulated, I realized the importance of sharing my passion for science, beyond my research team and the walls of my University.


However, I came up against this dead end: where to communicate my research and the debates on scientific news in a simple, fast and friendly way?


So I decided to create Point-Science to centralize information related to human health and the therapeutic challenges of tomorrow  and facilitate exchanges among science enthusiasts.


This blog aims to be a platform for scientific discussion, so that young researchers or graduate students can publish articles related to their area of ​​expertise and exchange with other enthusiasts. This offers visibility to "the next generation of scientists" and an alternative to oral announcements and videos.


Point-Science allows me to share my passion for science with you and hopefully will pass it on!